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▢ mobile first for simplicity & speed!

A good user experience on mobile devices is crucial.

The current version of our App Framework has proved both fast and easy to use on mobile devices.

▢ News Filemaker 14 Certification

We are pleased to be one of the first batch of developers world-wide to receive FileMaker 14 Certification end September 2015, another testament to our expertise in developing and deploying solutions on the FileMaker Platform.

▢ Products

We have released the FREE dsBenchmark App for performance and load testing Filemaker Server.

We are preparing our rwApp, for creating and managing fast responsive web sites for release.

We also plan a series of Apps based on our high performance and secure dsApp Framework.

▢ Research into FileMaker Server Performance

As part of our research we have undertaken the first deep study of FileMaker Server performance on either side of the Atlantic for many years; built a special testing tool dsBenchmark — which we are giving away here and have published our findings in a three part paper on this web site and elsewhere.

We have also producted several prototype Apps, one of which (the Deskspace rwApp) generated this web site.


We have been pleased with the reviews we have received. One senior person at FileMaker Inc. said:

"Very nice. Had some time to go through it. Did you post it on the community forums? May benefit some people and get more reads."

Another FileMaker Inc. staffer said:

"Hi. Apols for the delay - I did review the document which is excellent. I've proposed to our Marketing team that we do a webinar for this topic. They will be reaching out to you."

You can read and download our report here.

On FM Forums:

Stephen Dolenski said: "Thanks Nick for posting - this is timely and very informative."

Brent Hedden said about dsBenchmark: "I can easily vouch for this!  I've been looking for a way to accurately simulate multiple FileMaker clients for a few years now.  With the Perform Script On Server feature (which is what this solution is mostly using), this makes accurately testing server performance a breeze.  I'm currently testing migrating from a physical Mac Mini, FMS 13 to a virtual server, Windows OS, FMS14.  Using this tool has given me the ability to not only compare the abilities of the two servers, but also to adjust the virtual enviroment for optimal use for my usage. It also has the ability to instantiate the concept of tokens, if you wanted to see if this will work well in your environment."

Andrewd said: "Thanks Nick! I found your first video with Richard Carlton to be very helpful and look forward to reading your report. The lack of documentation and reports on FileMaker server has been frustrating so I am glad to see someone share their findings."

▢ Why focus on mobile?

Because very soon more than half of all web searches made every day will be made on a smart phone and if an App is not responsive simple and fast phone users will not use it. More and more people are developing their own businesses and/or working away from traditional office locations.

For all these people it is essential to be able to use a small mobile device to do their stuff whenever they are not at their desk, and sometimes even then.

So our new software is designed to look and run just the same on any device, phone, tablet or laptop.

Here is a recent chart from John Gruber

▢ What is special about the new Deskspace App Framework?

It incorporates our knowledge of building business management systems for professional folk since 1998 and working with computers since punch card loading main-frames in 1973.

Our testing has been very successful and hence we are confident about the speed and simplicity we can deliver.

pixi ‏‪@dotfmp‬ Aug 14 2015 "VERY impressed by the speed of ‪Deskspace' website by ‪@nicklightbody - Never saw such a fast loading website."

Tom Cassidy, one of our trial users reported recently:

"The app is lightning fast on the new hosting system."

Tom was accessing the Deskspace dsApp using the iOS Safari web browser over a cellular network with an iPhone 6. He was using iOS voice recognition to create textual notes of meetings as records in the dsApp.

The dsApp was being hosted by FileMaker Hosting UK using a fairly new Mac Mini, so no great horse power was required.

▢ What can you do with the new deskspace App Framework?

It has enabled us to build several Apps.

They are all designed to run on most iOS mobile devices and many not so mobile devices such as Macs and PCs.

These Apps have wide potential use amongst professional folk - knowledge workers, from lawyers to educationalists and have the potential to prove very useful as personal Apps for running your life as well as your work.

dsApp: a prototype smart personal data store and/or a project or case management App for knowledge workers - professional folk and students - who want to be able to access their information and work anywhere - suitable for lawyers, attorneys, accountants, consultants, teachers, students and creatives like designers, authors and artists - amongst others. We have not yet prepared a general release of this product. We are currently considering which of several possible vertical markets we should aim at with the first release.

dsBenchmark: a performance load testing tool for FileMaker Server — download it here

rwApp: a responsive web management App - which was used to create this web site. See more...

▢ We are developer friendly...

Our plans for this technology include opening it up for others to use and adapt for their own purposes - and hence:

1. we are committed to co-operating and collaborating with other developers as a means of better supporting a wide variety of potential users;

2. we plan to make our own proprietary framework which powers the dApp open for use by other developers to build their own products;

3. we know that building efficient mobile data driven Apps can be a costly process - the Deskspace App Framework can save you time by providing a fully functioning App ready for you to make the changes you require to create your own product;

4. we also plan to enable developers to create structures within the dApp which can be supplied to other users to make the dApp more precisely fit their needs;

5. please get in touch with us and let's discuss how we can best assist one another in supporting our users.

▢ About us

You can contact us at

Deskspace Systems Limited
45 Orchard Close, Burgess Hill
East Sussex, RH15 0GF
United Kingdom
Telephone during normal business hours (UK Time - that is +5 ECST or +8 PST)
on +44 (0) 7973 518513

▢ Legal


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