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The Deskspace Very Useful Free App: First Public Release

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We develop and publish Practice Management Software for professionals and in January 2014 released our first Deskspace Cloud based App - a free precursor to our new cloud based range of products.

You can open the Launch page and get free unlimited use of this App by just clicking on the following link - no download is required for this Cloud product.

Request an account to use the App here

This new App is now available free for anyone who wishes to go to the Launch Page in their browser - just request an account - then check your email and login with the credentials you have received.

Find out more about this Free App here

This first release contains two sample reference modules to show-case the App's efficiency and ease of use - one containing about 46,000 places in the USA and Canada - which link into on-line mapping - and the other containing about 2,000 types of food together with data on the nutrients they contain.

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