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What is the new Deskspace App?

It is a project or case management App aimed at the needs of professionals - knowledge workers - suitable for lawyers, attorneys, accountants, consultants and creative professionals - amongst others.

It can work on several levels:

Personal - being used as a project management system to store store images, files, documents, notes and tasks

Personal client - where every project or case can be allocated to a client

Professional - users can choose to share information with other specific users on a record by record basis

We wanted to create something which any professional could use on any device - quickly and easily - and which just focused on the important stuff we all need to do. Our belief is that much software used by professionals is too complex and detracts from our professional work rather than enhancing our professional lives.

So we decided that our new Deskspace App:

• needed to be accessible from any device - iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, using a browser or a client App;

• needed to be fast over even a basic 3G cellular network;

• needed to be cheap to host;

• should be as simple to use as Apple Notes when getting started.

Here is how Nick Lightbody the system architect describes the new Deskspace App:

"I am confident that this is the best thing we have ever created for professionals - it builds on the development ideas we have been testing for the past three years - and it is radically different from many other professional information systems.

We have developed a form of data architecture we call Universal Professional Systems Architecture (UPSA) which can be readily configured for use in a variety of professional areas.

1. it is very simple to look at and easy to get started - and - you can access it from many different sizes and types of device - it can be small on a phone and large on a big screen;

2. it is fast - even over a cellular 3G network with a mobile device;

3. there are two completely different ways of looking at your data - structured or unstructured:

“structured" means a traditional client / case / transactional records tree form

“unstructured" means you can look at / search all your data in one single list;

4. there is only one field in which to enter data - deskspace then extracts specific data from the single field and stores it in seperate fields - where it can be used by the system - but you only ever need to edit the single master field for any record.

In consequence, the new Deskspace App does look blindingly simple - but there is a great deal built in under the bonnet - this is the sort of App I have always wanted where I can access and share my professional information in a completely controlled fashion at any time on any device."

If you would like to become a beta tester of Deskspace Cloud please email us here

As a beta tester your opinions will be important in helping us shape Deskspace to best meet the needs of professionals like you.



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